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Taking action around childbirth together

Pregnancy and postpartum are times of upheaval, not only for women and men who will become parents but also for the fetus and the immature baby who cannot survive alone.

Birth, a primordial social event for families and societies, is imbued with the cultural and emotional contexts of both parents and of the country where this birth takes place.

This congress will consider how parents, who experience psychological suffering during this sensitive period, are recognized, supported, cared for and followed from pregnancy to postpartum.

We will call upon the fields of Psychiatry and Mental Health to visit the cradle and examine specific aspects, including the scientific and biological, of the pre and postpartum period.

We will pay particular attention to the child and his/her early relationship with both parents.

International Biennial Congress of The Marcé Society

in collaboration with the Société Marcé Francophone (SMF)

and WAIMH Francophone



Interview of Nine MC Glangeaud-Freudenthal, Congress Presidente

LCI Santé (TF1) - 27, september 2012

Source de la vidéo : Dépression après l'accouchement

Vidéo LCIWAT sélectionnée dans Actualité